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Friday 29th October, 2021
Aures London - London
Minimum Age: 18
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Welcome aboard a first of its kind audio visual and sensory experience for music lovers from the UK’s premiere digital immersive venue, Aures London.  


Travel may be disrupted this summer, abut let us whisk you away through time and space on LexTempus, London’s best digitally immersive experience.  Your journey will take you to three American cities to experience the music from three different decades.  This immersive audio visual  tour enables you to experience some of our favourite decade-defining artists in a whole new way.


THE EXPERIENCE -  A musical odyssey that’s a feast for the senses:

  • Hear every note like you are actually there with immersive, high-fidelity audio on 54 Pioneer Pro speakers
  • Breath-taking visuals dramatically displayed on floor-to-ceiling 270-degree screens stunning graphics from visual innovators, Observatory that will catapult you to these iconic cities to experience these legendary artists
  • Feel every beat with ground-breaking use of SubPac haptic technology
  • Drift away with a myriad of immersive scents from Magique Paris, creating an immersive experience that is completely unique


On the menu is list of bespoke cocktails inspired by the cities we visit, specially created by our mixologist team. 


If you love of music and cocktails and want to try something a little different, then book your first class seat now. We look forward to welcoming you aboard! 


VIP First Class Package  – £56   

Includes 90 minute immersive experience, welcome drink, 3 cocktails of your choice (normally £13 each) and 2 snacks  


Premium First Package - £46   

Includes 90 minute immersive experience, welcome drink and 2 cocktails of your choice (normally £13 each) and one snack

First Class Package - £26

Includes 90 minute immersive experience and a welcome drink 

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